Link Building: The Most Valuable Links in SEO

08 August 2021
Amber Zia
Link Building: The Most Valuable Links in SEO

Achieving links is a crucial aim of content marketing. This is why companies and marketers develop engaging content hoping that others will read it, feature a story about the content and link back to the source website. But not all links boast the same authority or value. Below are two important links which have been classified to assign a specific value to them. 


This is a direct link from a website to a different one that is recognized by Google. In this link, the source website passes a fraction of authority via the link. This is why it’s important because it passes SEO value to the website it goes to. These links can be defined as active hyperlinks having anchor text which is usually relevant to the topic of the campaign’s content. 

A powerful content marketing campaign organically creates great dofollow links because its content is highly useful. This natural organic linking is the favorite of search engines. If the domain authority of the site with the link is high, the value of having a link on their website will be high too. 



This is also a direct link that goes from one website to another. The only difference is that a nofollow link includes a distinct nofollow condition added to the source code. This condition does not let Google recognize a change in authority from going from one website to another. Both the dofollow and nofollow links look the same. But as compared to a dofollow link, the nofollow link prevents the SEO value from passing to the website it is linking to. But even without the SEO value, nofollow links are very useful as they drive traffic back to your website. Moreover, by adding a nofollow link, you can get more dofollow links in return. 


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